Friday, December 14, 2007

Kirby-L Redux and OMAC!

I recently scribbled a few words in praise of the internet’s very own Jack Kirby forum better known as “Kirby-L” and that prompted a little feedback but in particular I was thrilled to hear from Chrissie Harper -- who way back in the day (actually April 1996) -- got the whole Kirby connection up and running on the internet.

Let it be said, that when it comes/came to getting Jack Kirby a “presence” via the internet and in fanzines, Chrissie is/was -- one of the “pioneers” in the game. Remember that despite the Jack Kirby Collector being one of the most widely accepted Kirby resources around today, Jack was -- unfortunately -- not alive to see and enjoy it. Harper’s ‘zine, entitled Jack Kirby Quarterly had the distinction of getting Jack’s seal of approval. At least for an issue or two.

Anyway -- I imagine that Kirby-l was a natural extension of Chrissie’s zine and despite Kirby-L changing hands and having a revolving door of members, it couldn’t have gotten to where it is today without Chrissie’s efforts! Anyway – it was great to hear from Chrissie and nice to know someone is out there reading this thing! And as far as Kirby-L goes, it’s a great stepping stone for instant immersion into everything Kirby and comes highly recommended.

And speaking of Kirby-L, it’s always nice to pick up a tidbit or two of Kirby-information and one of the recent posts echoed the news that DC will put out an OMAC TPB in early 2008! I enjoyed OMAC early in it’s run when it was inked by Mike Royer. When D. Bruce Berry picked up the nibs the series went nowhere, but OMAC regained the ‘ol magic when Royer returned for the last issue or two. No doubt I’ll be looking for the OMAC TPB when it hits the street!

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