Monday, December 10, 2007

I’m really jazzed about the soon-to-be-released Marvel Masterworks album, “Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure.” I’m excited about this project because not only is it the closest thing we fans are gonna see that resembles “new” Jack Kirby artwork but it also re-teams Jack and Stan Lee -- a match we haven’t seen since the Silver Surfer graphic novel they produced way back in 1978.

What really excites me about Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure -- and I’m probably preaching to the choir here -- is the fact that this effort represents another gesture on the part of Marvel to set things right between themselves and the Kirby estate. Now, I’m not sure if the playing field will ever get leveled when it comes to Jack Kirby and his endless contributions to the Marvel mythos, but between the Lost Adventure and Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters, at least the Kirby estate (via Lisa Kirby) and Marvel on as good of terms as they are likely to ever be.

It’s also nice to see that John Morrow and the Jack Kirby Collector play an important role in all this.

You can read all about the Lost Adventure in a cool interview with Marvel’s Tom Brevoort by clicking here.

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